Speaker: Barbara May

 “Bringing New Life to a New Year”.

No, I’m not talking about having more babies in the coming year! Haha!  I know that may happen for some, but for others, we need to re-learn how to nurture the lives we already have.  Do you even know what gives you life?  And, did … read more.

Who is Our Neighbor?

All are welcome to join us for our 1st service after our limited summer schedule. Featuring our new Consulting Minister, Barbara May in our new space at Aslan Institute! We will also be on Zoom if you can’t join us in person or feel … read more.

Practicing the Light Into Being

March 20 marks the Spring Equinox.  It is one of two days in the year where the light and the dark are equal.  This time of year, the wheel turns toward the light.  Spring of 2022 also marks the beginning of a new era.  We … read more.