We gather in worship to find meaning and live more deeply into our values. Worship creates connections within, among, and beyond us, calling us to our better selves, calling us to live with wisdom and compassion.

Our services come from many sources, including: members of our community, local ministers, spiritual guides from other religions — from Christianity to eastern religions to indigenous American traditions — insightful experts on currently relevant topics, poets, and musicians.

Two important parts of our services are: 1) joys and concerns, and 2) discussion.  Near the beginning of the service, anyone who wishes to is invited to share a good or troublesome event in their life (joys and concerns).  After the presentation, we often take time to offer reflections on what the speaker has presented and ask questions (discussion).

The format of our service can vary.  Most often, we have traditional presentations, with a speaker; sometimes there are slide shows, or occasionally a  TED  Talk is shown, and then we reflect on it.  We also can have experiential services: we might be led in drumming, reading and writing poetry, or a singalong for example.

From time to time, worships incorporate holiday celebrations, longer musical performances, and child dedications. We offer childcare during the Sunday service.

Following our service, we invite everyone who can, to linger with coffee, treats and further discussion.