“A Deeper Materialism”

We are not materialistic enough. I’m going to ask you, this season, to be more materialistic than you’ve ever been. I’ll even argue that one of the central themes of the Christmas story is, in fact, the highest form of materialism there is. The best … read more.

“No One Knows the Day or the Hour”

Despite a month of count-downs and calendars, shopping days slowly dwindling and the lists of preparations to be made, the first Christmas was a complete surprise, to nearly everyone involved. “Let every heart prepare him room” – there was a profound lack of room for … read more.

Same Challenges: Different Year

With the New Year now just arrived we all are faced with many challenges, some old and some new, the mix. Challenges from addictions, violence, corruption, envy, strife, brokenness, COIVD, and the list goes on. Join us as we discuss and work to address our … read more.