Emotions and Spirituality

“Emotions are a particular way of knowing. They carry insight and wisdom. Emotions get in the way. They distort our thinking and make a mess. They are wonderful and feel terrible. Emotions, religion and spirituality intersect – enriching or diminishing each other. Join us as … read more.

“Letting Go and Letting the Darkness Lead”

Like Persephone, I’m afraid of the unknown dark. I
once blamed this on my dysfunctional upbringing as
a child, but it’s more than that. It’s ancient body
wisdom. All the animals prepare for the fearsome
dark. Gather nuts and seeds. Get in the firewood.
Store the harvest. Clean the desk … read more.


Much as UUs credit a wide range of sources for their spirituality, creative artists “borrow” from those who have come before.  In today’s service, pianist Larry McDonough (composition, arranging) and saxophonist Richard Terrill (poetry) will describe and illustrate their process of borrowing material from other sources … read more.