The Trouble With Monsters

Maybe there are monsters. Under the bed. Lurking in closets. Out in the world. The real monsters are scary and infuriating. But that isn’t the only trouble with monsters. Might the real trouble be what they tell us about us?” 

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Where are You From?

What does it mean to ask, “Where are you from?” There are so many complex answers about favorite places, family traditions, ancestral ties, our childhood games and where we felt safe. But all of us who are white in the US were also told terrible … read more.



          “Be with spirit in the heart of the moment, & keep the body in mind.”   

                – From the Thrivalism curriculum. 

It is common in times of chronic stress to feel like we are simply surviving. Physical pain, economic challenges, neurochemical imbalances, health-pandemics, social / interpersonal distresses, gender-based … read more.