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“Butterfly Wings”

by Bryan Allen Demeritte

Bryan is an experienced clergy person, scholar, educator, theologian, consultant, spiritual director, and pastoral counselor.  Ordained in 2005 as a minister in the United Church of Christ, his career as clergy includes the pastoring of 5 churches, and now he continues working as … read more.

The Importance of Being Uncomfortable

The title pretty much says it all! This week we’ll explore the values of discomfort, and what it takes to stay in that difficult place. All are welcome either in person or on Zoom. It’s a safe place to be uncomfortable!

A Spring Ritual

One of the sources of our UU faith is spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions. In this special service we will focus on one such tradition. All are welcome, either in person or on Zoom.

Spring is in the air! Or, at least we’d like it … read more.