Beauty of the World

Our guest speaker this week is Jill Braithwaite, who will help us remember and experience the beauty in this life through sight, sound, movement and reflection. Using John O’Donohue’s work on beauty, and a classical definition of beauty, she discusses the role of beauty in … read more.

Take it Easy!

This Sunday, we’re going to be talking about ease, rest, and simplifying our lives in ever more complicated times. We’ll also discuss some ways to find and practice that simplicity through our bodies and spiritual practices. Hope to see you on Zoom this weekend! Led … read more.

Uncomfortable Conversations

Tom Esch, author of “Personal Accountability and Power”, who appeared at DUUC as Father Vito last year will speak for himself this week. He will tell us about the lighter side of those uncomfortable conversations, along with some tips for making them a bit easier.

Tom Esch … read more.