Easter Pondering

In the Christian tradition, this Sunday is celebrated as Easter Sunday.  It is the day that Jesus rose from the dead with his good news after being crucified and buried on the Friday past.  If we look at other faith traditions, there are similar resurrection stories in most of them as well.  Here in the United States, a lot of Christians will celebrate this day.  They will walk through the many traditions and customs of the day.  I often wonder how many of them think about the meaning of the Easter story and how it can apply to us in our lives today.  I also wonder, as Unitarian Universalists and our diverse beliefs, what meaning can Easter hold for those of us that are not Christian.  I invite you to walk with me through these wonderings as I revisit a sermon I wrote in seminary as a non-Christian being graded on an Easter story.  All are welcome, either in person or on Zoom.

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