Topic: Stress

Wholeness is only Experienced through Diversity

In this time of the great turning, we are called to find ways to be in relationship with people and ideas that make us uncomfortable. Which parts of our inner selves make us uncomfortable, and thus make seeing that outside ourselves uncomfortable? How can we reframe … read more.

Embodied Practices for Peace

My mind is full, and maybe yours is as well. This Sunday we’re going to get out of our brains and into our bodies and spend some time practicing peace. Don’t worry – this isn’t an aerobics class or anything, just using the tools of … read more.

Take it Easy!

This Sunday, we’re going to be talking about ease, rest, and simplifying our lives in ever more complicated times. We’ll also discuss some ways to find and practice that simplicity through our bodies and spiritual practices. Hope to see you on Zoom this weekend! Led … read more.

Uncomfortable Conversations

Tom Esch, author of “Personal Accountability and Power”, who appeared at DUUC as Father Vito last year will speak for himself this week. He will tell us about the lighter side of those uncomfortable conversations, along with some tips for making them a bit easier.

Tom Esch … read more.

Ours is Not a Caravan of Despair

Description: In this session we will consider the neuroscience of toxic stress and its impact on learning. We will examine the principles and practical examples of trauma-informed care. Finally we will reflect on the connections between trauma-informed approaches and restorative justice. 

Facilitator: Mays Imad is a neuroscientist and … read more.