Speaker: Rev. Shelley Dugan

Here’s To the Losers

We live in a world of winners – people who make it to the top of the mountain, the top of their game, the top of the best-seller list.  People who demonstrate that if you just work hard enough, keep believing, and don’t give up, … read more.

A Zoom Communion

Water changes. It adapts, it flows.  So too our living faith.  This year’s water communion will be different than past services. The ceremony will be on Zoom; the logistics call for some creativity. Our goal of course, is communion, an intimate sharing and making common.

This … read more.

The Times They Are A-Changin’

The seasons are changing – the seasons of nature and the seasons of our world.  Spring is the resurrection of the earth.  Even when there are late snows and frosts past their time, flora and fauna are renewed.  It feels like hope.  Our shared experience … read more.

A Spirituality of Mediocrity

by Reverend Shelley Dugan

Who wants to be mediocre? Or perhaps worse, who wants to be seen as mediocre?  Ordinary, run-of-the-mill, nothing to write home about.  Or even lower than that –  second-rate, low-grade, a hack.  Some people, ironically, have been told to “work on their … read more.

Dancing in Service

How many companies and organizations have mission statements about providing excellent, exceptional, and extraordinary service?  Individuals often say that their main goal in life is to make a difference. We are surrounded by people and organizations who claim that their reason for being is to … read more.