Speaker: Rev. Shelley Dugan

In A Fix

We know better, it. As humans, we often feel compelled to try to fix others. What’s that all about? How does religion factor in? Join us as we explore the sticky wicket of trying to fix others.

All are welcome in person (Location) or on… read more.

In Praise of Regret

Some boldly state that they have no regrets.  That’s too bad!  Instead of denying regrets,or storing them in locked compartments of our psyche, let us bring them to the table.  Our regrets have benefits.  If examined, they have gifts.  Join us as we welcome our … read more.

What Is God’s Job?

If we are theists, we have expectations of God. Disappointment in faith crisis has and come about when we believe that God is not doing a very good job. This highly interactive sermon explores our understanding of God’s Will and God’s job. You don’t have … read more.

Here’s To the Losers

We live in a world of winners – people who make it to the top of the mountain, the top of their game, the top of the best-seller list.  People who demonstrate that if you just work hard enough, keep believing, and don’t give up, … read more.

A Zoom Communion

Water changes. It adapts, it flows.  So too our living faith.  This year’s water communion will be different than past services. The ceremony will be on Zoom; the logistics call for some creativity. Our goal of course, is communion, an intimate sharing and making common.

This … read more.