Speaker: Stephanie Vos

Stephanie Vos is an artist, healer, and teacher. After leaving her career as a pastor in the ELCA, she pursued a professional life of writing and editing, as well as meditation and somatic therapy, and is now studying to become a doctor of chiropractic medicine. Her work has always focused on the mystery of dimensionality, the interconnectedness of community, and reimagining our relationship with the natural world.

Umbilicaria: the Belly Button of the World

We’re so excited to see you over zoom for our first summer gathering on June 13th! we will be using ‘Umbilicaria: the Belly Button of the World,’ a chapter from Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass, as our inspiration for the day, so if you want to read … read more.

What is your Theology of Darkness?

In a time of year when we are so grateful for longer, brighter days, in a season where we have more daytime than nighttime, how might we be able to examine and challenge our theology of darkness, and the ways in which that is unconsciously … read more.

What is your Theology of Darkness?

We had a change of program. “What is Your Theology of Darkness” will be presented on May 9, so join us then! This week, our consulting minister, Pastor Stephanie Vos led us in a meditative, body based breathing and heartbeat practice. Settle in and get … read more.

A Delightful Year

One year we’ve been home, facing unprecedented changes, adjusting and not-adjusting, still with lots of uncertainty ahead. we’ll mark this anniversary with something counterintuitive but medicinal : delight. we’ll talk about what it means to have hope and how shaky times and bad news can … read more.

It Takes Not Knowing

Learning requires vulnerability, wonder and awe require curiosity. How can we cultivate the humility to stay with ‘not knowing’ so that we can continue to appreciate and be amazed by the world, and the people, around us. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, we’ll also talk about … read more.