Speaker: Stephanie Vos

Stephanie Vos is an artist, healer, and teacher. After leaving her career as a pastor in the ELCA, she pursued a professional life of writing and editing, as well as meditation and somatic therapy, and is now studying to become a doctor of chiropractic medicine. Her work has always focused on the mystery of dimensionality, the interconnectedness of community, and reimagining our relationship with the natural world.

“I Am a Terrible Fortune Teller”

There is no way of knowing what’s ahead. We are terrible at predicting the future. How, then, do we march into a new year full of the unknown? How can we set goals or have hope for a life that we know is unknowable? Together, … read more.

Hark the Dark!

“Turning toward darkness teaches us there is worth in what we think we need to be rid of. This is how we fertilize the soul.” – Michael Stone

We will celebrate with music of Solstice and Christmas and led by Pastor Stephanie Vos; we will examine … read more.


This week we’re going to be talking about the Swedish concept of “lagom.” A word without a simple translation, but an idea that means finding the balance between not too much and not too little. In a culture that seems prone to extremes, and a … read more.

Take it Easy!

This Sunday, we’re going to be talking about ease, rest, and simplifying our lives in ever more complicated times. We’ll also discuss some ways to find and practice that simplicity through our bodies and spiritual practices. Hope to see you on Zoom this weekend! Led … read more.

Stephanie Vos

We are looking forward to beginning our regular weekly meetings for this year starting on September 12th. Our consulting minister, Stephanie Vos, will be leading our service. It will be good to be together again! All services will be available online. Zoom Link … read more.