Topic: History


A proposition will be made in this sermon that the first humanist in the United States were people of African descent. They brought with them a philosophy that is rooted in every attempt America has made to envision a more perfect union. We will explore … read more.

Owning Your Past

This Sunday, we’ll explore our relationship to our history, and how we can carry traditions forward while still staying adaptive and progressive. How can we integrate our past with our current contexts? How can we be reflective without being blinded by sentimentality? How can we … read more.

What do we hold in perpetuity?

Museums are full of paintings, sculptures, and artifacts supported by devices ensuring that each item is perfectly stable. But what is it about those specific items in a museum that makes them worthy of being held in perpetuity? What makes masterpieces of art and relics … read more.

Where are You From?

What does it mean to ask, “Where are you from?” There are so many complex answers about favorite places, family traditions, ancestral ties, our childhood games and where we felt safe. But all of us who are white in the US were also told terrible … read more.