“Be with spirit in the heart of the moment, & keep the body in mind.”   

                – From the Thrivalism curriculum. 

It is common in times of chronic stress to feel like we are simply surviving. Physical pain, economic challenges, neurochemical imbalances, health-pandemics, social / interpersonal distresses, gender-based & ethnically created inequalities, spiritual crises as well as political distress: these are just a few issues that can contribute daily to our sense of survivalism.  Based on a creative and enjoyably practical curriculum culled from Jeffry’s almost 30 years as a holistic mental health professional, Thrivalism is a guide to living with less stress & more authenticity, and contentment.  With humor, wisdom, and guided imagery, this interactive presentation touches on how to benefit from Thrivalism’s basic contents: effectively aligning mind, emotions and body; connecting with spirit; living soul-fully with purpose & passion, and how to remove blockages toward integrating these components.

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