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The Invitations of Wayfinding

We welcome ministerial student form United Theological Seminary, Kyle Belmont to speak. Sermon description: With the vernal equinox upon us, and change taking place around us, what do we notice? Let us reflect on the role wayfinding markers have on our shared and individual … read more.

A Spirituality of Mediocrity

by Reverend Shelley Dugan

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Who wants to be mediocre? Or perhaps worse, who wants to be seen as mediocre?  Ordinary, run-of-the-mill, nothing to write home about.  Or even lower than that –  second-rate, low-grade, a hack.  Some people, ironically, have been told to “work … read more.

Ours is Not a Caravan of Despair

Description: In this session we will consider the neuroscience of toxic stress and its impact on learning. We will examine the principles and practical examples of trauma-informed care. Finally we will reflect on the connections between trauma-informed approaches and restorative justice. 

Facilitator: Mays Imad is a neuroscientist and … read more.

Question Box Sunday

In UUism, we are encouraged to ask the biggest questions — questions about faith, spirituality, the nature of divinity and the role of humanity. For this “Question Box Service” you are invited to bring your questions and the Rev. Sara Smalley will attempt to answer … read more.