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Umbilicaria: the Belly Button of the World

We’re so excited to see you over zoom for our first summer gathering on June 13th! we will be using ‘Umbilicaria: the Belly Button of the World,’ a chapter from Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass, as our inspiration for the day, so if you want to read … read more.

Music Sunday!

This year our Music Sunday will focus on the Beatles, with our guests Mo Field and Amelia Charnock, who decided when Covid-19 lockdowns began, to record and post a Beatles song every day during the pandemic. It’s been over 400 days! They will share what … read more.

Embracing Our Porousness

We welcome Ray Hommeyer, a ministerial student at United Theological Seminary.

Come as you are, and I will come as I am”

 What does this simple, yet complex aspiration ask of us?  In a COVID-19 world, where the reality of our interconnectedness and our autonomy are … read more.