Topic: Personal Journey



          “Be with spirit in the heart of the moment, & keep the body in mind.”   

                – From the Thrivalism curriculum. 

It is common in times of chronic stress to feel like we are simply surviving. Physical pain, economic challenges, neurochemical imbalances, health-pandemics, social / interpersonal distresses, gender-based … read more.

Where are You From?

What does it mean to ask, “Where are you from?” There are so many complex answers about favorite places, family traditions, ancestral ties, our childhood games and where we felt safe. But all of us who are white in the US were also told terrible … read more.

“Making Sense of the Madness”

Father Vito (Tom Esch) a former Catholic priest turned communications consultant and stand up comedian will help us make sense of the craziness of Covid 19 and the current racial unrest.  He will help us reflect on the dynamics of privilege as it relates to … read more.

“Letting Go and Letting the Darkness Lead”

Like Persephone, I’m afraid of the unknown dark. I
once blamed this on my dysfunctional upbringing as
a child, but it’s more than that. It’s ancient body
wisdom. All the animals prepare for the fearsome
dark. Gather nuts and seeds. Get in the firewood.
Store the harvest. Clean the desk … read more.

Our Relationship with Our Bodies

Your body is a not a machine, and thinking that it is, or functions like one, can have disastrous implications. Join us this week as Pastor Stephanie Vos helps us re-imagine our relationship to our bodies and ourselves through reverence, enthusiasm, and the power … read more.