A Zoom Communion

Water changes. It adapts, it flows.  So too our living faith.  This year’s water communion will be different than past services. The ceremony will be on Zoom; the logistics call for some creativity. Our goal of course, is communion, an intimate sharing and making common.

This year we will not be sharing stories about what we did last summer. (We’ll save that for later conversations.)  Instead, this service requires some soul searching and brevity.  The question is not about summer vacations. It is “What has carried you through the white water, waves, and eddies since the pandemic changed our world?”  “What has kept you afloat, or helped you surface again if you were pulled under?”  “What meaning do you make, how do you understand the last 19 months?”  

Now, boil this down.  We want as many people to share about their lived faith as possible in our short hour.  What is your deepest theological truth that you are willing to share with this congregation?  Can you talk about it in 1 – 2 paragraphs?  This is a very different than service than a summer travelogue!

Bring a candle, flame and a cup of water from your kitchen faucet.  The waters have tossed us about during this pandemic.  Life itself has likely thrown you for a loop.  And yet, here you are. Briefly tell us, what has been your lifeboat?

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