“No One Knows the Day or the Hour”

Stephanie Vos's portrait

Despite a month of count-downs and calendars, shopping days slowly dwindling and the lists of preparations to be made, the first Christmas was a complete surprise, to nearly everyone involved. “Let every heart prepare him room” – there was a profound lack of room for the arrival of this baby. Whatever your belief about the factuality or impact of the story of Christmas, there is one thing we know about it to be absolutely true: what is beautiful and inspiring and life-changing most often shows up when we aren’t ready, in places we would’ve never thought to look, in humble, sweet, unexpected ways. Goodness arrives in chaos and mess, when we’re too busy with other things, and it is irresistible and noisy and soft all at once. Thank God. 

Join our celebration of music, story and reflection, all are welcome!

The music: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbCaMivB0XBlHMgw_jEwLdaf1iyjHlNRl

The sermon:

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