Embracing Our Porousness

We welcome Ray Hommeyer, a ministerial student at United Theological Seminary.

Come as you are, and I will come as I am”

 What does this simple, yet complex aspiration ask of us?  In a COVID-19 world, where the reality of our interconnectedness and our autonomy are both intensified, how do we navigate belonging as well as personhood?  In our bodies and our environment, from cell membranes to wetlands, we can find wisdom in porous boundaries.  Come, join me in exploring how we can faithfully embrace our porousness.

Seminarian Ray Ann Hommeyer (they or she) began attending Unity Church-Unitarian in sixth grade and is now on staff at Unity as the Youth Ministry Assistant.  They are pursuing an MDiv in UU Studies and an MA in Religion and Theology at United Theological Seminary.

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