Beauty of the World

Our guest speaker this week is Jill Braithwaite, who will help us remember and experience the beauty in this life through sight, sound, movement and reflection. Using John O’Donohue’s work on beauty, and a classical definition of beauty, she discusses the role of beauty in calling us to our inmost and higher selves and toward the holy. Paying attention to beauty as a spiritual practice.

Jill Braithwaite has an M.A. in theology and the arts from United Theological Seminary and is currently studying there in the Master of Divinity program with a concentration in UU Studies. Jill has been a member of First Universalist Church of Minneapolis since 2004. She has taught religious education and First Step classes and has served on the Board of Trustees, Welcome Team, and Strategic Planning Team. Jill has worked in book publishing for more than 25 years and loves tennis, art, novels, Unitarian Universalism, the North Shore, and her little dog, Betsy.

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