Topic: Theology

UU Theologies Through Song

Emily McKown, 1st year Seminarian at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities will share stories and songs inspired by her theological studies this year. Emily grew up attending Dakota U.U., and she is thankful to share her journey into seminary with her home community. Her sermon … read more.

What Is God’s Job?

If we are theists, we have expectations of God. Disappointment in faith crisis has and come about when we believe that God is not doing a very good job. This highly interactive sermon explores our understanding of God’s Will and God’s job. You don’t have … read more.

The letter from “Charlene”

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DUUC Program/Worship Chair Chuck McKown has received 4 letters over the past year or so from Charlene, a Christian who is concerned for his soul. It sparked in him a mixture of thoughts and reactions. He was not inclined to respond with a … read more.

“Practical Universalism”- Chad Snyder

The theology of Universalism is rooted in the Christian idea of salvation in the next life, an answer to the threat of eternal condemnation. For modern UUs, that leaves open the question of what it means to live a Universalist faith in this life. In … read more.

Owning Your Past

This Sunday, we’ll explore our relationship to our history, and how we can carry traditions forward while still staying adaptive and progressive. How can we integrate our past with our current contexts? How can we be reflective without being blinded by sentimentality? How can we … read more.