Topic: Spirituality

“This I Believe”

Unitarian Universalism stresses the individual’s right and responsibility in finding their own spiritual path. Occasionally, one or more members take to the “pulpit” to share their beliefs. This will be one such Sunday. A friend of DUUC and former member Steve Crosbie will share his … read more.

Same Challenges: Different Year

We welcome a guest speaker from Nashville, Tennessee via Zoom, Roddy Biggs

With the New Year now just arrived we all are faced with many challenges, some old and some new, the mix. Challenges from addictions, violence, corruption, envy, strife, brokenness, COIVD, and the list goes … read more.

“A Good Death”

A good death. It’s what we all want. We know we’re going to die. All our friends will die. We hope it will happen the way we want, but it may be unlike anything we know. Join hospice chaplain Bob Bledsoe in examining what makes … read more.

Emotions and Spirituality

“Emotions are a particular way of knowing. They carry insight and wisdom. Emotions get in the way. They distort our thinking and make a mess. They are wonderful and feel terrible. Emotions, religion and spirituality intersect – enriching or diminishing each other. Join us as … read more.