Speaker: Stephanie Vos

Stephanie Vos is an artist, healer, and teacher. After leaving her career as a pastor in the ELCA, she pursued a professional life of writing and editing, as well as meditation and somatic therapy, and is now studying to become a doctor of chiropractic medicine. Her work has always focused on the mystery of dimensionality, the interconnectedness of community, and reimagining our relationship with the natural world.

“Tikkun Olam”

We’ll be exploring a Jewish story about the birthday of the world, as told by Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen, and what it means to “heal the world one heart at a time.” 

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Embodied Practices for Peace

My mind is full, and maybe yours is as well. This Sunday we’re going to get out of our brains and into our bodies and spend some time practicing peace. Don’t worry – this isn’t an aerobics class or anything, just using the tools of … read more.

You Can Take the Girl Out of The Monastery …

Ten years ago this week, Steph moved to the Taizé ecumenical monastery in rural France and she’s going to tell us all about it! What she learned, what was challenging, what has stuck with her until now. See you Sunday!

“I Am a Terrible Fortune Teller”

There is no way of knowing what’s ahead. We are terrible at predicting the future. How, then, do we march into a new year full of the unknown? How can we set goals or have hope for a life that we know is unknowable? Together, … read more.