Speaker: Rev. Shelley Dugan


Unsightly scars?  There are creams to help fade scars, applications to lesson their formation, makeup to hide them and clothes to hide them. Many people feel shame about their scars.  Shall we look at them?

“What About Prayer?”

Prayer…that’s a loaded topic.  It has been part of human existence since before time.  Most religions have specific prescriptions for prayer – who, what, when, where, and how people should pray.  But why? And is prayer effective? Does it make a difference? … read more.

Rev. Shelley Returns!

“This Isn’t Going According to Plan” What do you expect in life? What’s expected of you? As humans, we are going to have expectations. Some people see them as the root of resentment. Others suggest they are the foundation of greatness. Join us … read more.

Be Kind: Rewind

Kindness is all the rage! The benefits of kindness are being touted all over the media.  Kindness is good for the receiver on many levels.  It may do even more good for the doer of kind deeds.  Join us as we examine kindness.  It might not … read more.

Re-gathering and Water Communion

We return to regular Sunday services with our Annual Water Communion service, led by the Rev. Shelley Dugan. Members and visitors are encouraged to either bring water or use some that will be provided that represent the spirit of the varied experiences and travels over … read more.