Speaker: Rev. Shelley Dugan

The Long Haul

Most people experience “a long haul” at least once in their lives.  Many folks experience several.  Some individuals or communities’ lives are nothing but a long haul.  Whether it is personal, communal or global, these ordeals share a number of characteristics.  How do we make … read more.

Emotions and Spirituality

“Emotions are a particular way of knowing. They carry insight and wisdom. Emotions get in the way. They distort our thinking and make a mess. They are wonderful and feel terrible. Emotions, religion and spirituality intersect – enriching or diminishing each other. Join us as … read more.

Forgive Me

Forgiveness is a spiritual practice, necessary for relationships and society, and good for our mental health.  Yet it is anything but easy. When it comes to forgiving ourselves, things become even more complicated. Together we will explore some of the basic aspects … read more.


Unsightly scars?  There are creams to help fade scars, applications to lesson their formation, makeup to hide them and clothes to hide them. Many people feel shame about their scars.  Shall we look at them?