Where are the Authentic Men?

Collectively, it appears that a conscious, wise, clear, and mature voice from and about men appears to be absent in the mainstream media, politics, films, and most public discourse. This seems especially true in the wake of the Me-Too Movement, and the recent 2022 Academy Awards where Will Smith smacked Chris Rock. Our society would benefit from hearing men’s true non-violent expressions of upset, grief, desire, wisdom and beauty that reflects authentic manhood.  Such a vision and expression of men can only come when they are willing to show upmature up, (VS “man up”) regardingwhat truly aligns their head, heart, & gut.  In this presentation, we will review a definition of authentic manhood and ways to support men to better live it. Also, we will learn about Authentic Manhood Programs (AMP), a series of experiential programs that supportively guide men to expand their capacity to livefrom their heart-aligned & values-based core.

Instructor Bio:

Jeffry Jeanetta-Wark, MA. LICSW is the founder and Clinical Director of the Center for Integrated Well-Being, Inc. (CIWB), a holistic psychotherapy practice in Roseville, Minnesota.  He is a senior level clinical social worker, a holistic psychotherapist, consultant and educator with over 31 years of experience.  Jeffry has been involved in men’s work since1988, and currently leads men’s retreats, groups and trainings. He is a local and national speaker / keynoter on issues of authentic manhood and the author of the AMP curriculum. 

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