“The water we swim in, the air we breathe”

How does culture inform your everyday experiences? What will it take to shift the culture that has brought us racism, sexism, and ableism?

Diana Allen is a trained facilitator of many dimensions. She studied at United Theological Seminary, learning many facets of being a UU Minister. Since then, she’s studied over 18 years with the Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, an Ancient Earth-based Wisdom Tradition, learning a grounded spirituality and a strong belief in the interrelatedness of all things. She’s a facilitator with the Alternatives to Violence Program, bringing tools to help us step outside our habits to see the possibilities in any moment to avoid violence. She has led First Peace circles, developing the peace within the self; peace within the self is the first peace needed before peace can be realized between us and in our communities. Most recently, she has begun exploring shamanic practices to deepen her relationship with all things. For work, she is a creative problem solver, helping to make higher education accessible to a broader audience. She is also the mother of two young men on the Autism spectrum. She enjoys these opportunities to speak with UU congregations, sharing pieces of wisdom garnered across many experiences and deep reflections on life.


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