‘Sound Healing for Increased Health and Well-being’

Cathleen will provide an introductory understanding of the physics of sound and
the glorious benefits of using sound every day! The presentation will be
informational and experiential.
Various sound healing instruments such as singing bowls, a crystal pyramid and
chimes will be used to open and ground and bring the group together into our
heart space.
But Cathleen will engage the participants in using the most powerful instrument
available to all: the human voice. Cathleen will provide simple but effective
techniques for using the voice to eliminate pain in the body, to raise our
consciousness, and to increase our health and well-being.
Cathleen is a board-certified music therapist and has a music therapy center in
Savage, Minnesota and the business name is Music For Healing LLC.

Everyone is welcome! Hmmmmm. . . . . . join us in person (location) or via Zoom.

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