Moral Injury in Veterans

We welcome writer Naiomi Gonzalez. Her description: My talk will focus on moral injury in veterans. I will assert that one way we can honor our veterans is to be honest about the ramifications of war and to push back against the dominant narrative in society that often presents war as an unmitigated good and a fight between “good” and “evil.” It is much more complicated than that.  I will also briefly discuss the ways in which Christianity has both served as an advocate and an opponent for war.

About Naiomi Gonzalez

Naiomi Gonzalez is still trying to figure out God’s calling in her life. She has an MDiv from Brite Divinity School, an MA in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies from George Mason University and an MA in History at Texas Christian University. She has a variety of interests, but she is particularly passionate about exploring the ways in which Christianity has historically and into the present day been used to both justify and resist state violence, racism, and injustice. Her blog can be found at @faithfullyradicalchristian on IG

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