“Re-visioning Manhood: Male Authenticity Across the Lifespan.”

Let’s face it (head and heart on)… society’s views of masculinity is morphing and modernizing, redefining culture and challenging long-held beliefs. New compelling perspectives put “manliness” under the microscope, and manhood up for serious review.  Our #MeToo era has raised the voices of women who’ve been sexually assaulted or harassed — and that’s not just great, it’s revolutionary. So, where does that leave men? Where are the men when it comes to seriously discussing issues like #MeToo?  Could it be that we miss the point — and give men a pass — when we label masculinity “toxic.”  Can we dare to re-envision manhood in ways that support all of us – for generations to come?  With story, facts, wisdom, and participant reflection, this sermon invites direct dialogue along with possibility perspective; it offers a new vision for men who choose to bring care, compassion, and consciousness into being an active part of social solutions for all.

Jeffry Jeanetta-Wark received his Master’s degree in social work from the University of Chicago.  He is the owner of the Center for Integrated Well-Being, Inc., a mental health center in Roseville, Minnesota where he works as a licensed practicing psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, and educator.  Jeffry provides holistic psychotherapy to adult females, adolescents and adult men in his practice.  He leads classes and groups for men who want to live more magnificently, authentically, and responsibly in the world.

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