Intro to Zen and Buddhism 101

Busshō Lahn is a Zen student and teacher, and the guiding teacher of Flying Cloud Zen Spiritual Practice Community. He’s also a popular speaker, retreat leader, spiritual director, author, and a Senior Priest at Minnesota Zen Meditation Center.

He first came to Soto Zen Buddhism in 1993, was ordained as a novice in 2009, and received Dharma Transmission (authorization to carry the lineage and teach independently) in 2015. Busshō remains rooted in his Zen tradition but cultivates an openness to the beauty and wisdom of other faiths. Through appreciatively understanding other paths, he feels that he becomes a better Buddhist.

His upcoming book Singing and Dancing are the Voice of the Law comes out in January, 2023.

Busshō doesn’t complain (publicly) about Minnesota winters, has undiagnosed (but undeniable) Work Ethic Deficit Disorder, but nevertheless seems to always get the stuff done pretty well and nearly on time. He runs regularly despite hating it, can’t be bothered with human interaction if there are cats about, and can almost always be found in close proximity to a Mason jar full of black tea.

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