From Anger, Fear and Judgment to Compassion and Connection with Pam Winthrop Lauer

Introduction to Connecting Communication aka Nonviolent Communication (NVC) which is a revolutionary communication model that provides concrete ways to transform judgment, anger, and fear into compassion for ourselves and others. Nonviolent Communication has a universal spirituality that can support us through identifying universal human values such as meaning, love/connection, physical sustenance/safety, and autonomy/freedom and how they are motivating us – and others – at all times. In this discussion we will learn how anger, fear, and judgment can be clarifying emotions, pointing us to what we most long for.  We will learn how meeting our motivations with deep compassion can help us move from those difficult emotions to the love which leads to more effective action. We will also learn how it is possible to come to empathy quickly and effectively by identifying the universal human values present in any interaction.


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