Quick change: Zoom in from Home. Don’t come to the church! The Courage to Ask: How Do We Live with the Wrongs of the Past?

This Sunday we are invited to join in with Mankato UU Fellowship’s service for Indigenous Peoples’ Day. DUUC members and friends will come to our regular place of worship, or you can join on Zoom. DON”T use our standard Zoom link, but the one below.


In recognition of Indigenous Peoples Day and of the lives of our indigenous neighbors, we take today a closer look at the role that the Unitarians played in perpetrating the Doctrine of Discovery and Indian Residential Schools. Knowing this, what do we do now? Rev. Rita preaching

The nursery is open, and Children’s Faith Development activities are scheduled. Click this link to join the service:  https://zoom.us/j/99358411229?pwd=eGU2RUNiS0lFNjdyZlFMOVZITEhCdz09. Contact Rev. Rita at minister.uumankato@gmail.com or 716-903-7935 if you have trouble accessing the Zoom worship service and coffee hour.

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