Speaker: Chad Snyder

“Practical Universalism”- Chad Snyder

The theology of Universalism is rooted in the Christian idea of salvation in the next life, an answer to the threat of eternal condemnation. For modern UUs, that leaves open the question of what it means to live a Universalist faith in this life. In … read more.

The Trouble With Monsters

Maybe there are monsters. Under the bed. Lurking in closets. Out in the world. The real monsters are scary and infuriating. But that isn’t the only trouble with monsters. Might the real trouble be what they tell us about us?” 

To join us on Zoom, open … read more.

Room for Grace

Paul wrote to the Romans that though sin abounds in the world, “grace much more abounds.” Whether he’s right depends on our willingness and ability to make room for grace in a world that can never be anything but imperfect. Chad Snyder, member of Michael … read more.