Dakota Unitarian Universalist Church




Sept 9

Briana Melom

Water Communion and celebration of a new church year

Sept 16

Rev. Karen Hutt

Behind the Wall. A walk with a chaplain in prison.


Sept 23

Phil Lund

Love Keeps Reaching Out  finding the place where, as Fredrick Buechner says, our "deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet."


Sept 30

Briana Melom

Living Language  From poetry and sacred scripture to everyday words, language evolves with us.  

Oct 7

Jeffry Jeanetta-Wark

“Laughter: Our Great Healer, & Spiritual Guide.”



Oct 14

Dawn Gaetke

Join us as Dawn Gaetke leads us in an introduction into Wiccan ritual.

Oct 21

Rev. Shelley Dugan

"The Holy Shadow."

It is easy to dismiss the elderly - they're old, their minds aren't as sharp.  Some times the people we dismiss so easily have the most to offer us.

Oct 28

Briana Melom


This Sunday, join us for a Day of the Dead Celebration.


Nov 4

Kelly McKown

“Building Community is to the Collective as Spiritual Practice is to the Individual”

Nov 11

Chad Snyder

One of our favorite speakers return ith his talk: "My Cosby Conundrum: How do we mesh our Universalist faith and heritage with the reality that people commit acts of evil?"

Nov 19

Holly Jorgensen

"Enchanted: Reflections from a Joyfully Green and Frugally Rich Life" Holly Jorgensen, a long-time friend of Dakota, will be launching her book.


Nov 26

Briana Melom

Iris the Alley Cat and Other Stories of Gratitude



Dec 2

Rev. Shelley Dugan

"Belonging."    - Humans need connection and a sense of belonging.  There are times when "Belonging" happens, but more often than not, it must be cultivated.  As a religious community, how do move to a deeper, richer relationship where people belong?



Dec 9

Rev. Ashley Horan

"Babies & Borders: An Advent Reflection" As the United States government locks down its borders and hurls tear gas at families, we are reminded of another ancient story about a brown migrant family fleeing persecution in their homeland during this season of Advent.

Dec 16

Jeremiah Myer

The Joy of Yule:  For me as a Pagan following the turning wheel of the year, it is easy, and I do celebrate Christmas.

Dec 23

A Festival of Christmas Music!

Music by Cathleen Gempeler, Kathy Grindeland & Chuck McKown; Readings by Briana Melom

Join us this Sunday to celebrate the season through song! Come sing familiar carols and learn a few newer songs, too. Through music, stories and poems, we'll welcome Christmas and the returning of light.

Dec 30

One More Circle Around the Sun

A Circle Sunday discussion. As the wheel of the year begins another cycle, it's natural to reflect on the outgoing year and look forward to the next one. In the dark time of the year it's too easy to focus on the fact that we live in dark times. But it's also when our own light really shines.


Jan 6

Jane Koster

Avoiding death does not stop it and caregivers and the dying do many dances in the process. My presentation today will address some of the learning one has when including death as a part of life.


Jane Koster is a now retired social worker and educator.



Jan 13

Terry Gips

"Taking the Natural Step to Health and Sustainability for Your Home, Workplace, Community and World" Sustainability, affluenza (our consumption addiction) and meeting people's fundamental needs through Dr. Manfred Max Neef's Alternative Nobel Prize-Winning work on bottom-up sustainable development.

Terry Gips is a long-time sustainability consultant, agricultural economist, head of a health and sustainability start-up, Natural Step Framework


Jan 20

Richard Terrill and Larry McDonough

Paul Wellstone: A Remembrance   Through music and readings, pianist/composer Larry McDonough and saxophonist/writer Richard Terrill recount the legacy of the Minnesota senator and champion of social justice.  

Saxophonist and writer Richard Terrill is the author of two collections of poetry, and two memoirs. He is Professor Emeritus at Minnesota State-Mankato. Larry McDonough is a St. Paul jazz pianist, singer and composer.





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