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Autumn 2017

Sept 10
Briana Melom, MA, BSW
We Gather Together
Join us for the first service of the fall!  Our new consulting minister, Briana Melom, will lead us in reaffirming our mission. We'll celebrate the joy and power created by loving community.  Come help us kick off the new season as we nurture hope for an exciting year to come.  All are welcome!
Sept 17
Program Committee
Water Communion
We will share our stories of summer travels or home that relate to the beauty and power of water in particular and nature in general. It is encouraged to bring a small amount of water or other natural items like feathers, stones, shells, etc.
Sept 24
Rev. Shelley Dugan
The Power and Pain of Perseverance
"Winners Never Quit" at least that is the message of our culture.  Yet is there a time to stop?  And how do we know when perseverance becomes more harmful than helpful?  This mash up of The American Dream, How to be a Hero, What it means to be an adult, and the importance of believing in yourself is a boon and a burden.  Come and explore with us how these concepts impact us personally and culturally.  What does it mean to quit?
Lisa Myers
"Blinders On". A brief description is: An exploration of why we oftentimes simply do not see, or choose not to see, what is right there in front of us.
Leslie McKenzie
Transition Towns: Many people, young and old, are concerned about our rapidly changing climate, but feel powerless to do anything about it. They know our overuse of fossil fuels is a factor, but what are our options? Transition is a global, grassroots, citizen-led movement in which people learn and work together to take personal and community action on these pressing problems. In the process, communities are strengthened and people become more skillful, socially connected and prepared for the changes ahead.
Briana Melom
Dennis Peters
God: A Perspective.  A discussion of his "understandings" of a supreme presence, based on his long term position within apophatic mysticism.
Kristen Wernecke
Kristen Wernecke is a non-denominational minister of healing who has been practicing massage therapy and energy healing since 1990. She is author of “Choosing Conscious Health for a Vibrant Life”
Larry McDonough and Richard Terrill

Announcing our new consulting minister is Briana Melom! She will be preaching once a month, and providing other support. We will be updating our ministry page soon. It’s going to be a great year at DUUC!

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