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We are delighted to have Briana Melom return for her second year as consulting minister, preaching once a month.

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Briana Melom

Paths in Buddhism:

Buddhism travelled through Asia, eventually flowing from Japan directly to Minnesota. When we think of Buddhism, silent meditation might come to mind. But there are other ways to practice mindfulness, which is central to Buddhist traditions. This Sunday we'll talk about how Buddhism came to Minnesota, the ways it has informed Western spiritual traditions and psychology, and the scientifically-proven benefits its practices can provide for mind and body. Join us!

Feb 3

Rev Laurie Bushbaum

As I retire after 33 years of UU Parish Ministry, I ponder again the meaning of vocation. Who or what calls us to the work we choose, the major decisions we make? And during life transitions, how to we re-make our lives?

Feb 10

Rev. Shelley Dugan

"Going On"    There are times we are discouraged, tired, and we've hit the wall. We have nothing left to give and can't think of a reason to try again. Sometimes, just when we need it, small miracles occur. Sometimes, we find exactly what we need to keep "Going On."

Feb 17

Rev Laurie Bushbaum

"Markings on the Heart"  Memories are a kind of hieroglyphics of the heart. They teach and build connections between the generations and between our personal past and present.

If you are carrying an invisible basket of memories, what are the most formative memories? Do you carry them or do they carry you?

Feb 24

Chuck McKown

In December, we said goodby to Bruce Peck, a beloved member of DUUC, at a joyous memorial filled with stories and music. This Sunday we plan to say our own goodby as we share his remarkable contribution to our congregation specifically and to the world in general. You didnt have to know Bruce to be reminded how much positive impact one person can have on our society. All are welcome!

Mar 3

Rev. Shelley Dugan

"Listen"  Are you a good listener? There are so many things to remember if you're going to be an "Active Listener."  Sometimes, if you listen well and listen hard... well, frankly you are exhausted when you are done.  What if there was an easy way to listen - and listen in manner that the other person feels truly heard?  What if there was a way to listen that let you feel energized, connected, open?  Come and join us on Sunday, March 3rd.  If you listen, you may just find a kinder way to listen!

Mar 10

Mark Limburgg


The Joy of Piano

Mark Limburg will perform some of his hymn arrangements. He has arranged a number of standard hymns and will talk some about that process, as well as a little about the art of tuning a piano. Mark Limburg has been published with, performed with, and done arranging work for some of the world's most distinguished artists. His arrangements have been included in highly regarded collections and he is considered to be one of todays top arrangers. He has also published a book "Carols for Piano".


Mar 17

Rev. Laurie Bushbaum


Wise people know doubt is not the enemy. Asking questions is how we learn; it is how we individually and collectively gain new insight and truth. But asking questions can be challenging; it can bring us to uncomfortable places. What happens when our life experience no longer matches a long-held belief and doubt creeps in? And does this have anything to do with the swirling controversy surrounding Rep. Ilhan Omar and her questions about Israel? How do we face the wall and find a way through?


Mar 24

Kelly McKown


Kelly McKown will lead our annual Vitality Sunday which will include a discussion: How are we living out our values/reaching out with love?

Mar 31

Rev. Shelley Dugan


"Control vs. Joy."  People generally like to be in control.  We usually feel safer, a bit more solid, and we believe we are less likely to be taken by surprise.  Yet life is similar to that old equestrian maxim "Don't hold the reigns too tight!"  That's when the trouble really starts!  Life does not easily submit to our demands.  And, it is very possible that the less we try to control life, the more life gives us joy.  


Apr 7

Rev. Laurie Bushbaum


" In Brokenness There is Beauty"


Apr 14

Rev. Shelley Dugan


"The Paradox of Faith."  Faith is confusing... and what is it's place in a church that doesn't have creeds?  Faith is full of paradox.  Come and explore with us the rich world of faith and it's place in our lives!"


Apr 21

DUUC Music Team


For this year's Music Sunday, we will pay tribute to the words and music of Bruce Peck, a dear member and friend we lost a few months ago, and to the many contributions he made to DUUC with his poetry, music, his leagal mind, his spiritual presence and humor. All are welcome!


Apr 28

DUUC Council


This is our Annual Meeting Sunday. Although we will conduct the business of electing officers and prenting the budget for the coming year, we will also engage and nuture our spirit and creativity as we set the foundation of a  hopeful and joyful coming year.

May 5

Rev. Laurie Bushbaum

"Confessions of a Radical Homemaker"  With readings by contemporary writer Anne Lamott and 19th C Quaker Rufus Jones, I’ll consider what it means to be at home, to make home. Who are some of the brave world leaders who are showing us what it means to be radical home-makers?

May 12

Chuck McKown

Mother's Day and Flower Communion - We will celebrate Mother's Day with a tribute to motherhood, a reminder of the origins of Mother's Day and our annual Flower Communion. Those in attendance are encouraged to bring a flower to represent the beauty that each one of us brings to our community. All are welcome, whether you bring a flower or not!


May 19

Claudia Schmidt

We welcome back the muti-talented singer and songwriter who will perform ad share stories and reflections. This is our last weekly service of the year. All are Welcome!

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