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Autumn 2017

Larry McDonough and Richard Terrill
Music of Resistance.  (1) songs of injustice, like Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday, (2) songs of encouragement, like From Little Things Big Things Grow by Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody, and (3) songs of change, like Amazing Grace  by John Newton and William Walker.
Terri Burnor
Title: The Gap
Description: It can be easy to become tunnel-visioned, to not notice our patterns and the ways we stay stuck in our heads. This Sunday, we will explore what Buddhist teacher, Pema Chödrön, calls the most importing thing to do with each day: leaving a gap.

Bio: Terri Burnor was recently welcomed into fellowship as a minister by the Unitarian Universalist Association. As is our polity, only a congregation can ordain a minister. Pending an upcoming vote by the members of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, Terri will be ordained on March 10, 2018. She is the organizer of the Worthy Now Prison Ministry Network of Minnesota and lives in St. Paul with her spouse.
Briana Melom
“The Waiting is the Hardest Part”
As the liturgical season of Advent begins, we’ll contemplate ways that waiting for big events can be both thrilling and anxiety-inducing. Taking care of yourself during the holiday season and other busy times can make a significant difference in the quality of your experience.   Come join us to care for your heart and soul through music, poetry and the joy of community.
Tom Esch
“Finding Your Superpower in Tumultuous Times: How to Leap One Tall Building in a Single Bound”
These are tumultuous times, on multiple levels.  It is time to be courageous and access your super power.
You are Wonder Woman! You are Superman!  You just don’t always feel very courageous.   We feel small, helpless and ineffective against the worldly forces.  And there is always that kryptonite, those things that make us weak.   What if our strength was not where we thought it was?  What if our power was hiding in our weakness?    Come prepared to explore the questions.
Jeffrey Jeanetta-Wark, MA., LICSW

Hanukkah:  “A Dedication of Light Rising Out of the Darkness”
Hanukkah, often called “the festival of light” is a commonly held celebration for Jews around the world near the time of Christmas.  Come and learn why Hanukkah has been celebrated since 174 B.CE. and why spinning tops, potato pancakes, and nine candles are central to this celebration for millions around the world.  As an added bonus, we will also see why during the same twenty-five days in December, five other worldwide traditions are celebrated with similar focus, ritual and fan fare on the same theme of light.  Now is your chance to hear a talk about Hanukkah from someone who is a Shamanic Priest and who grew up in the Reform Jewish tradition, Oy!
Briana Melom
“What Are Unitarian Universalists to Make of Christmas?”
The UU tradition has moved from a Christian denomination to a religion that embraces many paths.  Your own journey may lead to feelings like nostalgia, grief or joy during the holiday season.  Do we need to give up the story of Jesus to be UU?  What ways might Christmas hold meaning for those who don’t believe in a literal interpretation of his story?  Come join us for a time of music, reflection and story as we enter the heart of winter.
Music Team
A festival of Music
Come join us for music and fellowship - we will have group singing as well as presentations by some of the musicians in our congregation - come early for coffee, tea and conversation. There maybe even be some Christmas cookies!
Chuck McKown
Beautiful Imperfections
Chuck will lead a discussion around the question when do flaws and irregularities make for beautiful results.
Chad Snyder
“Joy Abound”s: Chad Snyder, a member of Michael Servetus Unitarian Society in Fridley, calls on UUs to be agents of joy in the midst of sorrow, challenge, anger and apathy.
Rev. Ashley Horan, MUUSJA- The Minnesota UU Social Justice Alliance
"The Horizon Leans Forward"
What can the fractal patterns in the universe teach us about effective, powerful, faithful organizing for justice in our congregations and beyond?  Together, we'll explore the implications--for both our congregations and our society at large--of the idea that "what we practice at the small scale sets the patterns for the whole system."
Lisa Myers
"Stealing the Light". Seminary student Lisa Myers will explore the ideas of the holiday season bringing people/families together in these months that are literally the darkest of the year and the metaphor that presents about coming together in "dark" times and stealing back our light.
Briana Melom
Creating Our Legacy
Through church and careers, families and neighborhoods, our actions help shape the the circles in which we live.  We'll discuss what DUUC has achieved over the last 30 years, goals you have for the future and imagine ways those goals might be achieved.  All are welcome!
Rev. Shelley Dugan
"How Much is that Nice Church in the Window?"  Religion and money are tough topics all by themselves. It is even more convoluted when we talk about them together!  Join us as we explore the intersection between money and religion.
Claudia Schmidt
Singer/songwriter Claudia Schmidt brings her beautiful, powerful and spirited voice back to Dakota UU Church!
Scot Zellmer M.S., M.A.
American Indian Affairs Research and Initiatives
Minnesota State University
The history of the US is rife with the type of stories that serve the needs of dominant society while negating the experiences of “others”. This act of negation is the root cause of many contemporary societal ills. One such group of others are American Indian communities. The Indigenous led protests against the Dakota Access pipeline in ND, the KXL pipeline in NE, and the Enbridge line 3 pipeline here in MN serve as a wake up…it is time to listen.
Briana Melom
Shaping and Reshaping Our Beliefs
Our spiritual journeys last a lifetime.  We continually learn through scientific discoveries, our own experiences and the stories of others.  What happens when our long-held beliefs are challenged? How do we decide which beliefs to hold fast and which to let go?  Join us as we contemplate these questions.
Gary D. Gray

Which would you rather use to generate your electricity: Alternative Energy; Clean Energy; Fossil Fuels; Green Energy; Nuclear Energy; Renewable Energy and/or Sustainable Energy? Of the 8 most popular methods used to generate electricity, what do 7 of the 8 have in common (coal, oil, gas, geothermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, solar power and wind power)?  Are Alternative Fuels really “better” than fossil fuels?
Gary has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and a M.A. in Clinical Psychology.  After retiring from the Upjohn pharmaceutical company in Kalamazoo, MI, he moved to Minnesota and performed research in the Dept. of Dermatology at UMN.  After that, he rekindled his interest in a multitude of science topics, many generated from his volunteerism at the Science Museum of Minnesota.  Some of his current interests and concerns are the effects of climate change on our planet and what we can do about global warming.
Rev. Karen Hutt
Karen Hutt is a Unitarian Universalist minister and educator. She currently serves as a certified Association of Clinical Pastoral Education supervisor at the University of Minnesota Medical Center. She is committed to the training of chaplains for the twenty-first century and has developed innovative curricula to teach the practical skills required in today's pluralistic, institutional settings. She edited the book “The Call to Care” Essays by Unitarian Universalist Chaplains.
Briana Melom
Creating Our Legacy
Through church and careers, families and neighborhoods, our actions help shape the the circles in which we live.  We'll discuss what DUUC has achieved over the last 30 years, goals you have for the future and imagine ways those goals might be achieved.  All are welcome!

Announcing our new consulting minister is Briana Melom! She will be preaching once a month, and providing other support. Details on our ministry page. It’s going to be a great year at DUUC!

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