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Here’s how our Spring 2018 finished:

Rev. Karen Hutt
Karen Hutt is a Unitarian Universalist minister and educator. She currently serves as a certified Association of Clinical Pastoral Education supervisor at the University of Minnesota Medical Center. She is committed to the training of chaplains for the twenty-first century and has developed innovative curricula to teach the practical skills required in today's pluralistic, institutional settings. She edited the book “The Call to Care” Essays by Unitarian Universalist Chaplains.
Briana Melom
Creating Our Legacy
Through church and careers, families and neighborhoods, our actions help shape the the circles in which we live.  We'll discuss what DUUC has achieved over the last 30 years, goals you have for the future and imagine ways those goals might be achieved.  All are welcome!
Briana  Melom
Frederick May Eliot: A Brief History of Unitarian and Universalism

This Sunday will include a video discussing some history of our denomination, including how two local ministers helped merge Unitarian and Universalism (including poet T.S. Eliot's cousin!).  The video was part of Briana Melom's thesis project and includes stories, photos and video footage from the last two centuries.  Come hear more about our history and enjoy some discussion afterward.  All are welcome!
Laurie Bushbaum
Resurrection Stories

A baby penguin, a heart transplant and the youth rising up in Parkland, Fl and around the nation, tell us something about the power of transformation.
We will gather as “one strong body” to sing and celebrate the sorrows and joys of living in earthly bodies. Alll of us can rise up and be agents of transformation.

Rev. Laurie Bushbaum has been serving UU congregations in the Upper Midwest for more than 3 decades. She is recently back in the Twin Cities after serving a 3 year Interim in Wisconsin. She loves to quilt, garden, cycle and walk. Next fall she will complete her yoga teacher training and looks forward to being a volunteer teacher for those who would not otherwise have access to yoga.
DUUC Council
Vitality and Stewardship in Community; Nurturing Our Roots and Spreading Our Wings
Join us for our annual Vitality Sunday as we look back on our vision and mission we've developed and talk about how we get there.
Jaime Meyer
“The Price of Gaining Spiritual Power”  What is the cost to us of gaining power, and what is the cost of not gaining it? We will be examining these questions and drumming together. Jaime Meyer has a Masters Degree in theology and has studied cross-cultural shamanism. He is president of international Society  for Shamanic Practice and author of “Drumming the Soul Awake”.
Blizzard cancellation!
Briana Melom
The Art of Experience: The Spirituality of Our Five Senses

This Sunday we will delight in the ways our senses help us engage with the world.  Using various artistic mediums, we will explore how our gratitude for the world is enhanced through sensory experiences.  Come ready to be inspired.  All are welcome!
Rev. Shelley Dugan
"Questions for the Non-Jumper".
Beginning with an old Hindu story, we will toy with the idea of being a UU savior.  Perhaps you have super powers you haven't yet discovered!
DUUC Council
One of the Seven Principles calls for he use of the democratic process within our congregations  and in society at large. In this our annual meeting we will endeavor to fulfill that promise with the business portion of the service but have some inspiration and some fun, too.
Chuck McKown
“The Transformative Power of Music” This year we will share music that has the power to make change, inspire, rethink, or just lighten the mood. Kathy Grindeland, Cathleen Gempeler and Chuck McKown will do some performing but will also lead some group participation.
Briana Melom
The Shape of Your Soul
Join us for the final service of the church year! This Sunday will include a meditation on the spiritual practice of working with clay.  Biblical scripture says we were formed from lumps of clay.  If given the chance, what might you make?  Sometimes we can create the shapes we plan.  Sometimes the clay has other ideas...
Learn about the tradition of "throwing pots", how the Japanese phrase "wabi sabi" can inform our daily lives and the way "firing" clay pots in a kiln is absolute magic.
The service will include time to work with a small piece of clay if you choose.  All are welcome!
Memorial Weekend
No Service this week. No formal services until after Labor Day. Informal gatherings will be on the 2nd Sundays of June, July and August. Have a great summer!


Our new church year starts September 9 with Water Communion. Members and guests are invited to bring water, either actual or symbolic, from their travels or activities of the summer.

A whole new webpage is coming soon at this address. Keep checking back!

We are delighted to have Briana Melom return for her second year as consulting minister, preaching once a month.

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Sept 9

Briana Melom

Join us at 10:30 as we gather in celebration of the start of a new church year. We will celebrate water communion. Members and guests are invited to bring water, either actual or symbolic, from their travels or activities of the summer. As we mingle the waters, we will share our summer experiences, joys and concerns.


Sept 16

Rev. Karen Hutt

Behind the Wall. A walk with a chaplain in prison. Led by Rev. Karen Hutt, an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and Vice President of Student Experience and Culture at United Theological Seminary. You may remember Karen was here last spring speaking about class and Unitarian Universalism.  All are welcome!


Sept 23

Phil Lund

Love Keeps Reaching Out Now more than ever, our country needs to know that the values of justice, equity, and compassion are alive and well in our UU congregations and fellowships. The best way to do this is by living out those values in ways that reach out in love to help those in our communities who are harmed by injustice and inequality. Love Reaches Out workshops are designed to help UU religious communities do just that, by finding the place where, as Fredrick Buechner says, our "deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet."


Sept 30

Briana Melom

Living Language  From poetry and sacred scripture to everyday words, language evolves with us.  As our society and culture transform, so do the ways we communicate.  Join us for a deeper look at language, whether in spiritual or secular settings.  All are welcome!





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