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Autumn 2016

Nov 13
LaDonna Sanders-Redmond
Seward Co-op's Diversity & Community Engagement Manager LaDonna Sanders-Redmond is a noted food justice activist.
Nov 20
Colin Slaby
"Framing a Stronger Community." Colin Slaby began as a small-town boy from Wisconsin Rapids, WI, and then transformed into a city boy through his romance with Chicago and Los Angeles. Colin began his career in the film industry and then moved into education for more fulfillment and more substantial legacy to leave behind for his children. Colin currently teaches middle school in Apple Valley, shuttles his two daughters to and from soccer and gymnastics and guitar lessons, and tries to be the best husband he can be to his wife of 15 years. It is a foundational belief that we humans are pack animals and that we have the obligation and the wherewithal to build a better sense of community.
Nov 27
Chuck McKown
Circle Sunday-”Big Questions” What are the purposes of religion, what questions does it pose or try to answer? This will be a lay-led open discussion.
Dec 4
Chuck McKown
We will watch and listen to Krista Tippett’s talk from the UUA’s General Assembly this past summer. Ms Tippett is host for the NPR program “On Being”.
Dec 11
Michael Monroe
 Michael will bring his inventive and charming music again, this time focusing on winter themes. This event includes a potluck – open to all – after the service and Michael will play more after food and fellowship. Also this year - Sale/Silent Auction – cash/check only please. Baked goods, jellies, jams, crafts and more!
Dec 18
Program Committee
We will watch part 1 of Krista Tippett’s Ware Lecture for the UUA’s General Assembly. Ms. Tippett hosts NPR’s On Being radio program.
Dec 25
Christmas Day
No Service today! Due to the weather and other factors, no service this Sunday. Please come next week!
Jan 1
New Years Day
We will ring in the new year with part 2 of Krista Tippett’s Ware Lecture for the UUA’s General Assembly. Ms. Tippett hosts NPR’s On Being radio program.
Jan 8

Terri Burnor
UU minister Terri Burnor will share her experiences at the Standing Rock, ND pipeline site.
Jan 15
Carrie Rice
What Spiritual Journey leads to Transformation?
UU religious principles call upon us to undertake a "free and responsible search for truth and meaning."  When does that search end and what is the result? - Carrie  is a worship leader at the Mankato Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Jan 22
Bruce Peck
So What is Poetry? Poetry is the most recognizable form of writing, singing or speaking since time immemorial that captures the essence of expression in a way that wholly defies definition or description. We will talk about some of the ways poetry reveals itself and may be accessible to even those who consider it beyond their capability.
Jan 29
“Always Room for Joy” - Balancing activism and self-care.
Feb 5
Program Committee
We will examine two of the 14th Dalai Lama's many interests: compassion and the parallels between Buddhism and science, especially physics.
Feb 12
Rev. Shelley Dugan
“Giving and Receiving” With Valentine’s Day Coming, we will explore the dangers of giving poorly and not receiving well. Together we will examine what it means to be a good giver and good receiver.
Feb 19
Chuck McKown
"Walking Toward Our Discomfort" We will watch a video on bias, specifically racial, and discuss attitudes and strategies.
Feb 26
Jeremiah Myer
"further along the stony path"
Look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred-and-first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not the last blow that did it, but all that had gone before.---Jacob Riis The Stony path will only give up its treasure or take its shape if we work at it.
Mar 5
Our guest speaker was unable to be there, but we watched and discussed a very good TED talk instead: Do Schools Kill Creativity?
Mar 12
Holly Jorgensen
This Sunday: Holly Jorgensen "Connecting with Mother Nature's Other Children, part two- The Ones We Love to Hate." She will share lots of her wildlife photography and personal stories while we think about how we see and relate to critters and people different from ourselves. What is each one's role in the circle of life? Don't forget to change your clocks so you won't miss it!
Mar 19
Chad Snyder
We are delighted to welcome back the always engaging Chad Snyder from Michael Servetus Unitarian Society. Having Faith: In a religious tradition that tends to enshrine reason, we Unitarian Universalists need to remember sometime what it can mean to have -- and to be -- a faith.  
Mar 26
Kelly McKown
What do we promise one another?  Are we committed to a faith that is inclusive, transformational, and creative?  Vitality Sunday is when we revisit our mission and our aspirations and why a generous spirit has a positive effect on our community and the world.
Apr 2
River Maria Urke
River Maria Urke has the heart of a poet and the eyes of an artist. She lives in Stillwater, Minnesota with her teenage daughter, Willow and all their pets. River’s poetic writings and artistic touches reflect her Ojibwe heritage along with the ponderings she has being a forty something American mother living with the progression of Multiple Sclerosis. She is the author of two poetry chapbooks, Stumbled & Standing and When Spirits Touch, and a non-fiction, Women’s Obsession with Shoes. River is a contributor in four anthologies including the 2014 St Paul Almanac and the 2016 Martin Lake Workshop. She won the 2013 Made Here poetry contest in Minneapolis and her words took stage in 2014 in The Blacker the Berry theatre performance. River is the facilitator of the Mulberry Street Poets in Stillwater and a member of the TGI Frybread poetry group in Minneapolis. website- www.rivermaria.com
Apr 9
Susan Chambers
April is poetry month in the United States.   Susan Stevens Chambers will share her poetry during her talk "What's a Nice Attorney Like You Doing, Writing Poetry?  Susan was a practicing attorney for over 34 years, served as the Blue Earth County Court Referee, a judicial position, for nearly five years. Her writing has been published including in her own manuscript "Good Thunder, Blue Earth".
Apr 16
Colin Slaby
Without any answers but plenty of thoughtful questions inspired by the short but thought-provoking book Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging by Sebastian Junger, Colin will ponder concepts of tribalism, rites of passage, and belonging with the hopes of beginning to move toward a new, more earned, socially just sense of membership within our communities and society as a whole.
Apr 23
Briana Melom
As we begin to look toward spring, we'll consider how to embrace the continuous changes that occur in our lives, exploring the ideas of attachment and letting go.
Apr 30
DUUC Council
We hold our annual meeting and have a group activity focused on our mission.
May 7
Lisa Myers
We welcome seminary student Lisa Myers who attends United Theological Seminary, who will speak on religious naturalism.
May 14
Dennis Peters
Dennis Peters will speak on gender: a very brief primer on who we are with respect to gender and sex, a community (LGBTQIA+) in need of our support, and some of the ways to go about it.
May 21
Rev. Karen Hering and Catherine Charles Hammond
WIth the unfolding conversations and awareness around gender identity and diversity, how do we understand what it means to be “us” in ways that welcome and open the fullness of all our gender identities and possibilities?
Rev. Karen Hering is consulting literary minister at Unity Church-Unitarian, St. Paul, author of Writing to Wake the Soul: Opening the Sacred Conversation Within. Visit www.karenhering.com. She is also the proud mother of Catherine Charles.
Catherine Charles Hammond, a Minneapolis-based writer, musician, and performer whose work exploring queer identity has been featured most recently in 20% Theatre Company's The Naked I, Fox Egg Gallery's OUTspoken, and Intermedia Arts' Queer Voices reading series. They have also provided staff trainings, consultation, and lectures as LGBTQ Community Liaison at the Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis.

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