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We are delighted to have Briana Melom return for her second year as consulting minister, preaching once a month.

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Sept 9

Briana Melom

Join us at 10:30 as we gather in celebration of the start of a new church year. We will celebrate water communion. Members and guests are invited to bring water, either actual or symbolic, from their travels or activities of the summer. As we mingle the waters, we will share our summer experiences, joys and concerns.


Sept 16

Rev. Karen Hutt

Behind the Wall. A walk with a chaplain in prison. Led by Rev. Karen Hutt, an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and Vice President of Student Experience and Culture at United Theological Seminary. You may remember Karen was here last spring speaking about class and Unitarian Universalism.  All are welcome!


Sept 23

Phil Lund

Love Keeps Reaching Out Now more than ever, our country needs to know that the values of justice, equity, and compassion are alive and well in our UU congregations and fellowships. The best way to do this is by living out those values in ways that reach out in love to help those in our communities who are harmed by injustice and inequality. Love Reaches Out workshops are designed to help UU religious communities do just that, by finding the place where, as Fredrick Buechner says, our "deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet."


Sept 30

Briana Melom

Living Language  From poetry and sacred scripture to everyday words, language evolves with us.  As our society and culture transform, so do the ways we communicate.  Join us for a deeper look at language, whether in spiritual or secular settings.  All are welcome!


Oct 7

Jeffry Jeanetta-Wark

“Laughter: Our Great Healer, & Spiritual Guide.”

Especially when we are feeling shattered, hopeless, or mentally stagnant, laughter can help us to develop our inner spirit and sustain us, no matter what our life circumstances are. It also supports us in living more authentically, joyfully, and with a greater sense of freedom and compassion. Come join in this conversation and laugh with us as we explore how to improve healing, boost vitality, and accentuate mirthfulness while building a deeper connection with others and with all of life.

Jeffry Jeanetta-Wark has been a trainer for over 20 years on how to best manage and prevent stress. He is also a certified Laughter Yoga Leader who has enjoyed leading Laughter Yoga classes for six years in the Twin Cities in such settings as churches, fitness centers, and synagogues in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Stillwater.


Oct 14

Dawn Gaetke

The many sources Unitarian Universalists look to for spiritual wisdom and inspiration includes Earth-centered traditions and one of these is Wicca. Join us as Dawn Gaetke leads us in an introduction into Wiccan ritual.

Oct 21

Rev. Shelley Dugan

"The Holy Shadow."

It is easy to dismiss the elderly - they're old, their minds aren't as sharp, and they aren't comfortable in our modern world.  But whenl you pay attention, they give us many gifts including some important life lessons.  Some times the people we dismiss so easily have the most to offer us.

Oct 28

Briana Melom


This Sunday, join us for a Day of the Dead Celebration led by Briana Melom. Day of the Dead is a holiday traditionally celebrated in Mexico to honor those who have died. On Sunday, we will create an ofrenda, or altar, to welcome the memories of our loved ones. If you would like to contribute to the altar, please bring a photo (framed or not) or other symbol of a loved one. Time will be available to share a brief memory of your offering, if you choose. All are welcome.


Nov 4

Kelly McKown

“Building Community is to the Collective as Spiritual Practice is to the Individual”.

 Please join us for a Circle Sunday Discussion to continue our efforts to identify ways that our faith can bring more love, justice, and peace to our community and the world.  This is the next step in our Love Reaches Out process where we are envisioning what comes next for DUUC.  All are welcome!

Nov 11

Chad Snyder

One of our favorite speakers return ith his talk: "My Cosby Conundrum: How do we mesh our Universalist faith and heritage with the reality that people commit acts of evil?"

Nov 19

Holly Jorgensen

"Enchanted: Reflections from a Joyfully Green and Frugally Rich Life" Holly Jorgensen, a long-time friend of Dakota, will be launching her book, Enchanted, on December 15! Join us this Sunday as she gives a sneak preview.


Holly lives simply and close to the earth, with passion, serenity, and mindfulness. The stories in Enchanted speak of the circle of life, from using discarded objects to transform a neglected property into a beloved homestead, to friendships with wild critters—even fish! This Sunday, Holly will focus on the upcoming holiday season and share unique gift ideas along with antidotes to the pressure to buy, buy, buy. Her intimate nature photography and pictures of upcycled projects reveal how embracing imperfection can free us to live a joyfully green and frugally rich life. Come be inspired! All are welcome!


Nov 26

Briana Melom

Iris the Alley Cat and Other Stories of Gratitude

This Thanksgiving weekend, ministerial consultant Briana Melom will share experiences of gratitude that come from unexpected places.  Hear some stories and, time-permitting, share one of your own.  We'd love to see you this holiday weekend.  All are welcome!


Dec 2

Rev. Shelley Dugan

"Belonging."    - Humans need connection and a sense of belonging.  There are times when "Belonging" happens, but more often than not, it must be cultivated.  As a religious community, how do move to a deeper, richer relationship where people belong?  And are there ever times when someone does not belong in our community?  Come and explore what it means to belong and how it touches your life.



Dec 9

Rev. Ashley Horan

"Babies & Borders: An Advent Reflection" As the United States government locks down its borders and hurls tear gas at families, we are reminded of another ancient story about a brown migrant family fleeing persecution in their homeland during this season of Advent.  Join us for this reflection about darkness and hope, migration and freedom.

Dec 16

Jeremiah Myer

The Joy of Yule:  For me as a Pagan following the turning wheel of the year, it is easy, and I do celebrate Christmas. For me, it is not so much about the story of Christ’s birth, although I do love that story, but more about a melting pot of religions, traditions, and our own childhood memories. Merry and Blessed Yuletide everyone it's Christmas!







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